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Arrest in NJ hit and run that killed woman helping dog in traffic


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Police have arrested a suspect in the case of a hit and run accident that killed a good Samaritan as she attempted to save an injured dog in traffic.

Officials say a Pennsylvania man was driving the truck that struck and killed 23-year-old New Jersey resident Tiffany Jantelle Saturday night as she went to the aid of a dog that had been hit by the car driven by her boyfriend. Brian McCauslin is in police custody this morning after he was arrested just outside of Harrisburg, PA.

According to New Jersey law, “(c)The driver of any vehicle knowingly involved in an accident resulting in injury or death to any person or damage to any vehicle or property shall give his name and address and exhibit his operator’s license and registration certificate of his vehicle to the person injured or whose vehicle or property was damaged and to any police officer or witness of the accident, and to the driver or occupants of the vehicle collided with and render to a person injured in the accident reasonable assistance, including the carrying of that person to a hospital or a physician for medical or surgical treatment, if it is apparent that the treatment is necessary or is requested by the injured person.”

Friends and supporters have left flowers and stuffed animals at the crash scene, and animal lovers from across the nation have expressed grief at the news of an animal lover who died trying to save one.

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