Arthur Kent: Interview with an Abuser

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Few stories have caused as much outrage in the past few months as the Arthur Kent dog kicking incident captured on camera in a UK park at the beginning of October. I have been inundated with e-mail, tweets and comments since that posted, so I was committed to following the story to its conclusion.

Kent is expected to eventually face some charges. Given his criminal history, it’s possible he’ll find himself in jail if authorities weigh his record. While he is apologetic in his interview with Sky news, ultimately you’ll have to decide for yourself  if you find him believable.

I’m struggling.

*note: the video opens at low volume – find the slider at the lower right to turn it up

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0 thoughts on “Arthur Kent: Interview with an Abuser”

  1. He’s a creepy, scum-bag, waist of air and space – period- end of story! Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, yet, I’d love to throw him right in the East River! His brother should kick his arse!

  2. Blah! Yuck. :o(

    The only thing I’ll give him credit for is admitting he was “frustrated”. We’ve all been frustrated with our pets at one time, or another. His job, and lesson, is to learn how to deal with frustration, in a very different way.

  3. Wow, he’s got a huge anger problem but anyone could’ve told you that when you looked at the video. I hope he is being honest but I do believe he shouldn’t have any animals until he can prove he wouldn’t hurt another one again.

  4. I couldn’t even click on the video to watch it. Frustrated? Angry? I don’t give a damn what your issue is. Thinking it’s okay to kick or beat an animal because they don’t do what you want? You are a colossal spineless idiot.

  5. We are having a tough time getting the video to load for us, an ongoing problem here. But if YOU are struggling, AND we see the above comments, we are sure we are not missing anything that is going to make us have a different opinion.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Could not hear the audio. Glad the ???? was caught. Abuse does often create a cylce. And those who will abuse an animal out of frustration will most likely also abuse children and others who are vulnerable. Sure do hope he gets the most severe punishment allowed by law, in addition to required therapy. He needs more than anger mgt.


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