Arthur Kent: Interview with an Abuser

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Few stories have caused as much outrage in the past few months as the Arthur Kent dog kicking incident captured on camera in a UK park at the beginning of October. I have been inundated with e-mail, tweets and comments since that posted, so I was committed to following the story to its conclusion.

Kent is expected to eventually face some charges. Given his criminal history, it’s possible he’ll find himself in jail if authorities weigh his record. While he is apologetic in his interview with Sky news, ultimately you’ll have to decide for yourself  if you find him believable.

I’m struggling.

*note: the video opens at low volume – find the slider at the lower right to turn it up

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  1. First let me say that I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you followed this story to the end. So many stories are posted that are soooooo upsetting and you never get the end of the story. I even contacted a reporter once that wrote a local story about an animal abuse case that really upset me just to find out what happened. They never even bothered to email me back. Those of us that really care about the animals in these stories go nuts wondering what happened. Second, I am sad for this little dog that was abused and never even understood what he did wrong. I mean really, beat him when he was never even taught how to walk on a leash yet! How incredibly ignorant do you have to be not to realize there is a problem if a dog does not understand what you are asking of them. Now he will be fearful when he is walked on a leash and it will take a very patient and kind person to help him learn how to walk without fear. I only care about the little dog and don’t care about his guy. He has just been identified and wants to talk his way out of the trouble he is in.


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