At Home With Eli: Family of Fallen Soldier Adopts His Military Dog (Video)

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A brief video follow-up to one of the most popular stories we have covered this month, in which a bomb sniffing dog who rushed to the assistance of his fallen master was adopted by his family.

PFC. Colton Rusk died in December from gunshot wounds suffered during a battle with Afghanistan’s Taliban fighters. Reports stated that his dog, Eli, rushed to his side and crawled on top of him to try to protect the fatally injured 20-year-old machine gunner.

After being granted an early discharge, Eli was adopted by the Rusk family in early February, and has been spending time getting settled and establishing a routine.

So many of you were moved to tears when this story first broke that it seemed appropriate to visit Eli at home and see him safe and loved. And it was beyond touching to note that Eli still sleeps in Colton’s bed – just as he did in Afghanistan.

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13 thoughts on “At Home With Eli: Family of Fallen Soldier Adopts His Military Dog (Video)”

  1. We are all blurry-eyed from tears but just loved this beautiful and heartwarming story. We are so terribly sad that Colton lost his life. Such a tragedy. But how perfect and fitting that his family got Eli. Bless Eli for his devotion to Colton, and we wish Eli and Colton’s family a long and healthy and loving life together.


    Suka and K

  2. Oh my goodness now that is a happy ending. Eli is exactly where he should be.
    Thankfully the USMC knew that too,
    Madi and Mom

  3. I recall right after the Korean war a German Shepard a decorated vetran came to live in our small town of Fillmore. He had artritus probably due to the extreme cold in Korea. He spent most of his laying on an asphalt road where lived. Every passing car slowed and drove around him giving him the respect he so desrved. Like Eli all war dogs should be honored.


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