From Runt to World’s Largest Dog

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He’s afraid of little dogs, has throngs of adoring fans, was the runt of the litter, and in many ways, is larger than life.

Meet Giant George. A 245 pound, 43 inch tall Great Dane, George holds the Guinness Record for tallest dog in the world. But at home, this massive celebrity is just one of the family.

26 thoughts on “From Runt to World’s Largest Dog”

  1. My 146 pound Newf is timid around little dogs too, and it seems rightfully so. So many seem to have that Napoleon complex and want to take him on. One even nipped him on the nose. He could have ate that little dog for lunch but instead you could tell his feelings were hurt and he just backed away. People seem to think that little dogs with bad behavior are “cute” but if my pitbull did that they’d be hollering “dangerous dog breed”. *sigh*


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