Austin is Super Dog Friendly

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Ty and Buster, Life with Dogs’ travel correspondents, give you a look at the very dog friendly city of Austin, Texas.

Ty: We’re heading up the West Coast this summer, but we’re still reminiscing about the time we spent in Austin back in April.

Buster: That’s right. We’ve traveled more than 25,000 miles so far, and Austin is the most dog friendly city we’ve seen.

Ty: Austinites love their dogs – it’s clear from all the pet friendly restaurants, shops, trails, and parks.

Buster: It was heaven! DogMa and DogPa didn’t have to wonder if taking us along was going to be an issue. In Austin, dogs go everywhere.

Ty: My favorite part was having snacks at Jo’s Coffee. Mmmmmmm … muffins.

Jo's Coffee in SoCo - Austin, Texas

Buster: Of course it was – you’re always thinking with your stomach.

Ty: What’s your point?

Buster: The point is that Austin has some amazing off-leash spaces. And they don’t even have fences – just a sign that lets everyone know that dogs are allowed off leash. And, they have a dog beach!

Notice - Off Leash Area

Buster on beach in Austin

Ty: Ewwwwe! Just the thought of getting wet makes my wrinkles straighten.

Buster: Well, it’s not for everyone I guess, but some dogs were really getting into it!

Dog Jumping in Ladybird Lake

Ty: I much preferred running around in the huge (and dry) Zilker Park.

Buster: Remember watching the sun set from the trail around Ladybird Lake?

Sunset in Austin

Ty: Remember the french fries at P. Terry’s burger stand?

P. Terry's Burger Stand

Buster: Ah, Austin … we’re already looking forward to our next visit.

Is your city as pet friendly as Austin? Tell us all about it and perhaps we’ll come visit!

20 thoughts on “Austin is Super Dog Friendly”

  1. I <3 living in Austin. As a dog trainer by trade, business is booming out here! The scenery is almost always canine-friendly, and most shop owners have their own dogs lounging around the workplace.

  2. I gotta say, Austin is the one city I have loved visiting the most and perhaps the only one in the states I’d consider moving to. Such a friendly, laid-back vibe, lots of gentle outdoor activities. Doesn’t surprise me they do right by their animals too. ♥ Austin! Keep it Weird!!

  3. One of the places we are considering for retirement. I also heard Colorado Springs is very dog friendly. Another of my favorite places.


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