EarthBorn Dog Food


If the name EarthBorn didn’t already give it away, then the slogan definitely will: “Love Your Pet. Love Your Planet.” EarthBorn is an eco-conscious pet food company that prides itself in providing its customers with holistic dry and moist pet foods for both cats and dogs. The company does more than just talk about being …

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EarthBorn Dog Food Reviews


There isn’t a single “magical dog food” out there that is good for every dog. Just as it’s the case with humans, some dogs thrive on foods that would make other dogs sick. It’s all about finding the right dog food for your particular pooch. That is why it’s essential to read as many dog …

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Dogs are a man’s best friend, so why shouldn’t they be treated as such? Dogswell produces dog food and treats that help aid in a few different areas of health in man’s best friend. Founded in 2003, the company has undergone a few changes since then.   Most recently they have redesigned their packaging, website, …

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Dave’s Pet Food Review


Dave’s Pet Food isn’t like many of the big brand pet food companies on the market today. The main difference doesn’t stem from the pet food quality but from the fact that Dave does most of the marketing and selling himself. Today, Dave’s Pet Food is sold in well over 2,000 stores across the U.S, …

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