Authorities Still Looking for Dog Abandoner

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5.26.14 - Authorities Still Looking for Dog Abandoner

Denver, Colorado Animal Control is looking for help in locating a man they say is driving to one of their locations, and attempting to repeatedly abandon a dog in their parking lot.

On the 19th of May, animal control officials say a dog owner randomly drove up to their West Bayaud Avenue location, tossed the dog out of his car and into the lobby, and attempted to drive away.  As he got back into the car, the dog managed to get out of the building and began to chase his owner down.

People that actually witnessed the event, say the man got back into his truck and threw it in reverse, nearly backing up over the dog as it tried to jump back in.

Aaron McSpadden, a Lieutenant with Animal Control said that a couple of hours later, the same man showed up and tried the same thing again.  This time, the dog was unable to get back into the truck before it took off.

According to McSpadden, there has been an investigation launched into who this man is, and exactly why he tried dumping the dog off at animal control, without properly surrendering him.  If caught, he will face animal cruelty charges.

The dog is described as a black and brown, male, German shepherd.  The dog was last seen running southbound along a bike path near Alameda and Platte River Drive, and may be injured.

Officials are asking anyone with any information about the man, or the location of the dog to call Denver Animal Control at 720-337-1800

7 thoughts on “Authorities Still Looking for Dog Abandoner”

  1. Wouldn’t be too tough for any law enforcement entity to run the plate and find out who it was… Colorado 171-YIP. Why is this an issue at all?

    • Does that photo look like it’s a truck?
      The article writes that the vehicle involve was a truck, not a car. The website used a stock photo, not an actual photo related to the article.

      Unfortunately for that person shown in the photo, he’s probably getting heat from people online reporting him of being “that” person.

  2. Because that is not the actual photo of the “pickup truck”. Its a stock photo which they shouldnt haveused without blurring the plate ID. Sorry, you didnt outsmart the authorities, you dont win the internet today.

  3. The point is……People that dump animals, that abuse animals or surrender them for no viable reason Should be on a list. Just like sex offenders…..they should NEVER be allowed to own an animal again. How do we get such a law passed. People get away with mistreatment and abuse way to often. Let’s make that change


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