Axel the Rescue Dog Mends the Hearts of a Broken Family

by Katherine

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A mother and son from Georgia were devastated after losing their family dog when the parents broke up and the family pet moved to live with the ex-partner. To help fill the emptiness in their hearts, the family decided to rescue a dog.

They fell in love with Axel, a three-year-old Yorkie Poo being kept at Dekalb County Animal Services (DCAS), but when they went to adopt him they were devastated to found out Axel needed expensive ear surgery they couldn’t afford.

Heartbroken, the family had to leave Axel behind but they couldn’t forget him. Mom decided to contacted Fighting for Dawn (FFD), an Atlanta-based organization that rescues animals in need, and continue their search for the perfect four-legged family member. Yet, what mom never expected was that FFD would make their hearts whole again by reuniting them with Axel.

Photo Credit: Fighting for Dawn.
Photo Credit: Fighting for Dawn.


The family was willing to adopt a different dog, but DCAS had contacted FFD and asked them to rescue Axel. The canine’s survival chances and animal control with the need of an expensive surgery were very slim.

FFD said yes and then contacted the family letting them know that Axel could be their dog after all if they would still have him.

The organization would help cover the expensive ear ablation the small canine needed. This is a surgery that is costing them $3,000, but FFD felt Axel and the family were meant to be together.

On April 10, the tiny canine received his first ear ablation surgery, and after it he moved to recover with his loving forever family at his new home.

When FFD volunteers first drove into the family’s neighborhood with Axel, he sat up and whimpered and danced with excitement. “It was as if he knew he was going home,” said FFD.  At first the young boy did not recognize his dog because the canine had been shaved down due to matting and looked completely different. The dog, however, knew his boy.

Once the young dog owner was told it was Axel, he was in shock.  FFD volunteers explained they were helping Axel with his suregry and from now on the pet was his to keep.

“The smile that crossed his face was contagious. It was pure love,” said FFD.

Even though Axel is now safe and in arms of a loving family, his journey is not over. Fighting for Dawn still needs to raise funds to cover the expensive surgery. A donation link has been set up and they are hopeful the animal lover community will step up to help.

So far, they raised over $500, but a lot more is needed to help Axel be at 100% health.

The surgeries are being performed at Lake City Animal Hospital. You can call them directly at (770) 927-7899 to make a donation, mail a check to P.O. Box 17664 Atlanta 30316, or simply make an online donation.

For now the once heart broken family has had their heart mended, but with your help Axel can return to complete health.

Let’s help Axel and this family the happily-ever-after they both deserve.