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AZ Firefighters Rescue Family Dog From Family Tortoise Burrow

by Amy Drew

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Four different agencies from Chandler, AZ, came together this week when a chain of animal events set a rescue in motion.

Rubin, a German schnauzer, was enjoying a good chase of his feline fur sibling when the cat took refuge in a 6-foot hole dug by their African tortoise reptile sibling! The cat managed to free himself, but poor Rubin ended up stuck.

The services of the fire department, City of Chandler utilities, Arizona Public Service Electric Company, Southwest Gas — and a backhoe — were required, but the fast-acting team managed to dig Rubin out unharmed.

Rubin, in fact, was nonplussed. As seen in the above video shot by the Chandler Fire Department, the pup emerged from the hole, shook off some dirt and went on his merry way.

Toby Passmore, owner of all the pets involved, said he and his wife at first wondered why they couldn’t find Rubin, then heard barking from what sounded like underground in their backyard. It was then they realized he was in a bind.

The 6-foot deep burrow of Scully, the family’s African spurred tortoise, was the obvious location.

“They’re awesome animals,” Passmore told Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV of his tortoise, whom the family has had for 10 years. “It’s just if you have a dog that’ll go down into the chamber of death that your tortoise digs, it’s not a good fit.”

Passmore tried digging Rubin out himself before worrying about the oxygen levels in the hole and deciding to call the fire department.

Great rescue to all involved!