Babies Getting Love from So-Called “Aggressive Dogs”

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True dog lovers know that while sadly, attacks do happen, the breed of a dog is not to blame for its aggression.  Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherd are three breeds with bad reputations in the eyes of many, but these videos will show just how sweet they are when raised in a loving environment.

It is not recommended to leave babies and little kids completely alone with dogs, no matter how sweet they are.  Even the mellowest dogs should be monitored, because small children and babies may inadvertently hurt them and cause them to lash out in self-defense.


With that being said, well-behaved children should always be allowed around friendly dogs!  It is a good way to build up their immune system – babies who have dogs living in their home before they are one year of age have a decreased risk of coughs and colds, respiratory and ear infections, asthma and allergies.  While babies are developing their immune systems, it is important that they be exposed to germs so they can build a tolerance to them.


Babies who have lots of contact with dogs early on also learn how to interact with and appreciate animals, and treat them with respect.  Kids should be taught soon that it’s not ok to bounce around on them.  However, some dogs are quite tolerant of a bit of rough-housing and ear-tugging.  They make some of the best friends for children and adults alike, so why not start young?


“My eight-year-old German shepherd out in the yard while my kids (her babies) play,” said uploader dncmomut.  “She is normally not tied, but we do it for her safety, so she doesn’t run into the street after them. Trust me, she is the most spoiled doggie ever.” 🙂

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111 thoughts on “Babies Getting Love from So-Called “Aggressive Dogs””

  1. I live in Boston, where you cannot get homeowners insurance if you have a dog on a certain list of breeds. So basically, we all lie and just say that our dogs are unknown mixes because they are all rescues. But I have to say in 10 years living here with a German Shepherd Husky mix (both breeds on “the list”) the dogs we’ve had issues with have never ever ever ever been the ones on the banned breed list. It is so stupid and arbitrary. Any dog can be vicious if his people teach him to be, and any dog can be a love bug if that’s the environment he is in.

  2. By the way, my dog’s best friend is a white pitbull who is only dangerous if you stand too close to her butt while she’s wagging like crazy.

  3. Every single dog is truly unique, another aspect that is ignored. However, I swear Westies are the most biting bunch of dogs I’ve ever seen no matter how they are raised. they are just small enough not to do too much damage.

  4. I’ve owned all three-Rotty, German Shepherd, and pit bull. Without exception they’ve been nothing but loving, patient and tolerant of children.

  5. I think letting babies play keep away or climb on the dogs, and pull on their mouths are asking for a bad situation. Dumb owners and dumb parents.


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