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Bad Luck Strikes Dog on Friday the 13th

by Katherine

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Many people are superstitious about Friday the 13th, others don’t really think this day carries any bad luck, but for Jordan Klepacki and her dog Mia, Friday, March 13, 2015, was really an unlucky day.

Klepacki lives in Elmhurst, Ill. and that morning she took her dog out for a walk as she normally does. However, on the 13th, the pet broke loose from her collar and ran away. The pet owner followed her dog but lost sight of her, and then spent what seemed hours anxiously searching for her pet.

Mia before the accident. Photo Credit: Jordan Klepacki/Facebook
Mia before the accident. Photo Credit: Jordan Klepacki/Facebook


During the search, Klepacki come across a police car and she decided to stop and asked the officers if they had seen a little dog running around. The officers had not only seen the pet, they had also rescued her.

Unfortunately, Mia had been hit by a car and left injured on the road. An area woman witness the accident and reported it to authorities. The responding officers were on their way to DuPage Animal Hospital to drop off the injured pet.

“Mia’s face was all bloody and her right eyeball was dangling lower than her face, ” said Klepacki. ” What the pet owner faced next was “the most horrific nightmare” she could have ever imagined.

Mia required emergency surgery. Vets were not sure if the pet would survive a surgery because they couldn’t stabilize her and didn’t know the extend of her internal injuries – if any. After sedating the dog and performing initial exams, veterinarians learned Mia’s only injury was the dislodged eye.

A few hours after arriving at the pet clinic, Klepacki’s dog went into surgery to remove the right eye. Sadly, the eye was beyond repair. The pet owner was relieved to hear her beloved dog would be ok, but she now faced unexpected medical costs she had no way of paying.

Mia after the surgery. Photo Credit: Jordan Klepacki/Facebook
Mia after the surgery. Photo Credit: Jordan Klepacki/Facebook


Klepacki turned to friends, family and community members for help. She started a GoFundMe page where she hoped to raise enough funds to pay for the surgery and bring Mia home. Within two days the pet owner raised more than $1,500 and two days after the accident the dog was back home healing from her injuries.

“Mia and I are extremely grateful for all the support, prayers, love and each and every person who donated in some way and shared her story on Facebook,” posted Klepacki . “Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”