Bait Dog Rescued from “Worst Case Ever” Fighting Ring

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In Kalamazoo, Michigan, a dog called Little Bear is safe and sound.  This may not seem like a remarkable statement at first, but once you hear his story, and see what he has gone through, you’ll understand why he is a living canine miracle.

No one really knows how much of Little Bear’s life was spent as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring.  By the looks of things, he was muzzled and rendered defenseless.  Then, some sick person would use him to train a different dog for fighting.

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Due to his injuries, it took over two hours of surgery to get him properly stitched up.  He was then taken to the SPCA of Southwest Michigan for continuing care and rehabilitation.

It is unlikely that we will ever know just how long Little Bear had to endure this horrific treatment.  What is known is that he is in very good hands.  And even though his injuries were the “worst ever seen” by doctors and surgeons, it is expected that Little Bear will one day make a full recovery.



243 thoughts on “Bait Dog Rescued from “Worst Case Ever” Fighting Ring”

  1. What is the matter with human beings that they do this sort of thing?!!!!!! Maybe if they would have gone harder on Michael Vick, it would have discouraged some from doing the same thing! But ….. if not much happens to you when caught, it’s kind of a green light! Shame !!!!!!

  2. We rescued a bait dog and while it took a little time for him to trust us, he’s the sweetest dog. The neighborhood loves him and he gravitates to little kids and older folks.

    Please put your anger for good. Volunteer, donate and most of all please educate people about animal abuse. If you see it, report it.

  3. Not a very good article at all. I want to know the details, Who was the monster(s) that did this to him? Are they in jail (or hopefully dead)? What about the other dogs. Are they alright?


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