Bark at the Park

by Amy Burkert

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Buster: We’re in San Francisco!

Ty: Home of cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a very impressive Chinatown – which, being of Chinese decent myself, I found quite compelling.

Buster: You sniffed every pole, trash can, and door step looking for food someone dropped on the sidewalk!

Ty: Like I said … I found it compelling.

Buster: It’s also home to the San Francisco Giants baseball team – the first team to hold a “Bark in the Park” event and invite dogs to come to see a game.

Ty: I wonder if I was REALLY good if I’d get to have one of those ball park hot dogs I dream about.

Buster: Do you every think of anything besides your stomach?

Ty: No.

Buster: Well, people must have realized how much dogs love baseball, because many teams are now scheduling pet friendly games each season.

Ty: Or Cracker Jacks … they’re really good, too. And you get prizes in the boxes to boot.

Buster: Here’s the schedule of the games you can take your dog to for the rest of the summer.

Ty: And don’t forget the snacks!

Remember to bring your dog’s proof of rabies vaccination, and call the ticket office for any other requirements. Also, many minor league baseball teams have similar “Bark at the Park” promotions, so check them out, too!