Baylor Football Player’s Dog Abuse Posted to Social Media

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Zamora beating dog


Disciplinary action is pending for Baylor University football player, Ishmael Zamaora, following the discovery of a video showing the man yelling, kicking, and beating his dog with a belt, purportedly over a potty training issue. A fellow player had taken the video and posted it to Snapchat where a woman, viewing the incident, reported it to authorities.

In an interview with Noel Smart of KXXV ABC25, Shelby Ball, a former Baylor student, said, “I went to authorities probably about two hours after I saw the video. Dogs can’t speak for themselves … I felt like something needed to be done.”

Ball first went to animal control, then to the police. In documents obtained by Ball from the Waco Police Department indicate the Baylor Athletic Department has been informed.

Head coach Jim Grobe, told the Waco Tribune, “We’re not going to tolerate it,” Grobe said. “He’s going to be disciplined by a bunch of people. The city is going to get a piece of him, and the university doesn’t take it lightly. There will be some sanctions from the university. From an athletic department standpoint we’ll do some things. Hopefully, it’s a teaching moment and a learning experience for him.”

In a written statement, Zamora wrote, “I’m sorry for my actions.  “I’ve owned the dog for 20 months, he’s perfectly healthy and I love him very much. In the moment, I lost my temper trying to discipline him. I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips.”

Grobe also followed up by adding, “He was just frustrated and spanked his dog for not being house trained. You just can’t do that. He knows that. He loves the dog and takes great care of the dog. Other than losing his temper with the dog, I think he’s taking pretty good care of it.”

Please  be aware the video below is graphic. 
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0 thoughts on “Baylor Football Player’s Dog Abuse Posted to Social Media”

  1. Kick this Scum off the football team & don’t let him attend this school or any others beside locking him up.
    no excuse – funny article said that he loves this dog ! right – he need to educate himself how to potty train a dog . dog was crying out in pain !

    any animal lover would whip his ass including myself. hope dog is going to a new good home.

    M.L. NYC

  2. Absolutely disgusted my Alma Mater hasn’t done something yet. This football player needs mental help if he thinks that is the way to discipline a dog. This was a beating and not a spanking (which even dogs don’t deserve that).

  3. Let me find him and give him a beating as he did to that dog and let him tell the authorities it was just a spanking…

  4. This guy is a pussy, Someone should tell this dumb ass it takes a human to teach a dog to be potty trained. Oh that’s right he’s not human, he’s the animal. Piece of crap. God help him if he every has kids and they dirty their diapers.

  5. BS – he’s sorry he got caught – let’s see if all the officials step up to the plate and do the right thing – confiscate the dog and put up for adoption in a good home – stick Zamaora in a semester-long rehab for his anger management issues – then see where it all ends up. Knowing our societal tendency to excuse all violence by athletes, I’m betting the administration and other officials will do a little slap on the rest then bury the story. BTW…the beating is probably NOT the first and is most likely the reason the dog has accidents – he’s scared to death!

    • Maybe the poor dog wouldn’t have had an accident if he was let out regularly and taken care of properly. There is no way this sick airhead should be allowed to have a dog. He should be disciplined severely by the school. Baylor is not getting a good reputation lately.


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