Before and After Photos: Shelter Dogs Get New Lives

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Many of us are afraid to check our Facebook walls because we know we will be bombarded with images of dogs waiting to be rescued from shelters. The truth is a majority of these dogs, the lucky ones, will spend months (if not years) waiting for a forever home. However, nothing comforts animal lovers more than follow up images of those sad looking shelter dogs in their new loving homes.

If you’ve ever wondered if rescuing shelter dogs makes a difference, all you have to do is see these before and after photographs.

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50 thoughts on “Before and After Photos: Shelter Dogs Get New Lives”

  1. Just wish rescue centres would make it easier for full time workers to rehome dogs. I’ve been trying these last few weeks but get told no because I work FT. It seems to be a blanket policy in a lot of our local rescue centres. I could understand saying no to dogs who do suffer separation issues but to make it a policy is ridiculous and prevents a lot of the dogs going to loving homes. I’ll just have to get a puppy like some of my work colleagues have had to do, and not before trying to rescue!


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