Large and specific dog breeds now illegal in Beijing

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On June 2, 2013, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau published its latest rule banning dogs taller than 14 inches, or belonging to 41 “violent” specific breeds such as bulldogs, collies, etc. Such dogs are no longer welcome in certain rural areas across the capital and other central districts.

According to a report published by, district governments and local police have the right to decide where dogs can and cannot be raised. This presents a problem for local residents who already own dogs now deemed illegal. Dog owners are now forced to re-home or give up their pets.

“I registered my dogs, and similar crackdowns before were not strict, so I wasn’t too worried,” said local resident Yuan Zhi. ” It seems tougher this time. I’m afraid the police will take [my pets] away, so I won’t walk them in the near future.”

Dog owners who decide to challenge the new rule and keep their now banned pets will be fined 5,000 yuan ($815). The bureau will confiscate illegal and abandoned pets and send them to a shelter in Changping district.

The bureau’s rule comes after various reports of dog attacks from larger breeds were made, yet animal activists like Wang Liqun, founder of an animal rescue organization in Beijing, believes this rule is not the solution to the dog attack problem.

“Many large dogs, such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers, are friendly to people,” said Liqun. “We can’t restrict the shape and size of dogs that residents raise.”

Instead of forcefully removing the pets, Liqun suggests the government takes effective measures against the dog owners. Large dogs can be required to wear a muzzle in public and dog owners must register and complete a dog obedience training class with their large size pets.


10 thoughts on “Large and specific dog breeds now illegal in Beijing”

  1. I would say there is much more people & big dogs that have been bitten by little dogs. I also think this is a very dumb rule to make, taking the large dogs away from their families that love then. China Sucks

    • Nancy is right. Being the owner of both. My big GSD would be less likely to bite you than my littlest Havanese. She has little teeth & it’s really more like a nip, but it shocks you just the same. Our big dog has never attempted to bite anyone. He’d defend us, but regularly he’s a big teddy bear.

      • Most little dogs suffer for Little Dog Syndrome, because people are more likely to forgive bad behavior and not discipline them. I tell all the small dog owners I know that they need to look at their small dog as if it were a 125 lb mastiff – would they let a mastiff growl at them? Would they think a mastiff is ‘cute’ snapping at people?

    • Small bites are often not reported because people disregard them as oppose to big bites from big dogs. Sad but the truth.

  2. China has found yet another cruel war on dogs. What happens to the “surrendered” dogs? To the meat and fur market. Boycott all China’s products. Shame on these savages.

    • I agree with Linda. It is just another tactic by the oppressive government of China to control and restrict the rights of the chinese people.

      I am struggling to identify anything good produced in China. Poisoned ingredients added to dog food, more coal plants constructed polluting the air, brutality in killing dogs for human consumption, copyright infringements by copycat products made elsewhere, high demand for endangered elephant and rhino horns driving the black market trade in poaching animals from other continents…….

      I strongly support the chinese activists who tirelessly fight these outrageous restrictions but I don’t even know how they stay connected to the outside world since the government controls the flow of information too!

  3. Why not make it mandatory to do dog training or other methods that will work instead of just a death sentence or where they send them to eat them.

  4. Working as a vet teck and raising and rehoming hundreds of dogs over the years I have never been bitten by a large dog except a Pointer Bird Dog! I have scars all over my arms from Chi’s Peke’s etc other small breeds. This is about the stupidest thing I have seen in a while. My 10 lb brussels would bite you much quicker than my 70 lb Catahoula!

  5. Statistically human males between the age of 18 and 35 can be violent so why dont we impose a law to ban and sieze them? Illogical idea?. Does it sound extreme and prejudice?? Well its no more illogical and extreme than this ridiculous new dog height law.


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