Bill Would Ban Dogs On Drivers’ Laps

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A bill making its way through the Rhode Island state legislature would make it illegal to drive with a dog in your lap.

Introduced by Cranston state Rep. Peter Palumbo, the proposed legislation would call for fines of $85 for a first offense, $100 for the second, and $125 for subsequent offenses. Palumbo said he was moved to act after hearing from a constituent who witnessed a driver veering in traffic while trying to see around a dog seated in their lap.

Considering recent surveys from AAA in which 39 % of dog owners admitted to being distracted by their dogs while driving, proponents of the bill say it will encourage safer driving practices and reduce annual traffic fatalities.

0 thoughts on “Bill Would Ban Dogs On Drivers’ Laps”

  1. It is so unsafe to drive with a dog in a lap. I don’t know if the drivers think about what could happen to the dog if they were in an accident. I like the little seats for smaller dogs and the harnesses for bigger dogs. I think that it is sad that common sense is missing and that a law has to be passed. Well I hope that law makes its way to being passed in all states.

  2. Dogs just like children need to be strap down in the car..They can fly out the window just as easy as a human…The worst is seeing a dog in the back of a pick up truck

  3. Good! Not safe for anyone. Seat belt your pups, use a crate or a booster seat but if you love them, secure them! You don’t want puppy projectile in the event of a wreck. Hope this passes!


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