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Blaze has been waiting so long for his forever family. Give this beautiful “beast” a look!

by Amy Drew

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What a sweet face! Blaze is 9 and available through the Asheville Humane Society.


The Asheville Humane Society would love for us all to help find a home for Blaze, a very special dog.

The AHS receives grants from the Grey Muzzle Organization, which supports their work to keep senior dogs in their homes by providing necessary medical services to owners in need — and by doing so, senior dogs stay out of the shelter, allowing them to focus their resources on pups like Blaze, who lost his person and his home.

AHS is open-admission, which means they are full to the rafters. Often. Many of their residents stay for a long time. Blaze has been there for more than 160 days but, say staffers, he really loves everyone — volunteers and employees and visitors alike!

“We’ve tried so many things to get this wonderful senior a second chance, but to no avail,” says Kim of AHS.

And so, here is Blaze’s story:

At 9 years old, Blaze came to Asheville Humane Society when his person passed away. Prior to that, Blaze was living in a car with a homeless owner. And since January, this sweet face has been passed over day after day due to the imperfections of his skin…. (“Just like Beauty and the Beast,” Kim wrote, “Blaze is waiting for his Belle to come along, to see how beautiful he is on the inside!” That’s why we have the cute cartoon photo in this story!)


This adorable “beast” is looking for his prince or princess!


Blaze gets bouncy and excited when he receives attention and he loves to go for walks! He has lived with other dogs before and has done well with calmer dogs in the AHS doggie playgroups. In their Canine Good Citizen Training Program, Blaze has learned great leash manners and his basic commands!

His skin issues have improved greatly on a grain-free diet, which he will need to continue in his new home. Blaze takes a daily pain pill for some slight arthritis, but happily takes his meds in cheese or marshmallows! Due to his sensitive skin, Blaze’s ideal home would probably be with adults or older children.


So snuggly!


What’s more: his adoption fee has already been PAID!

Blaze is gentle, bonds deeply with those who spend time with him, makes very soulful eye contact and would be a great cuddle buddy on the couch.

“Please help Blaze find his special person!,” the AHS staffers plead. “If you can see past his physical imperfections, you’ll be rewarded with endless love from a heart of gold!”