Blind Dog, Daughter Seek New Home

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A Corrales, NM woman is fostering a couple of blue heeler dogs that have an incredible story – and now need a permanent place to call home.

See more about the dogs here:


14 thoughts on “Blind Dog, Daughter Seek New Home”

  1. Judgement day will come to the animal abusers of the world. May they die the most horrible gruesome death imaginable. I agree with Polly – Help ANIMALS not humans.

  2. I don’t get why love of animals has to be coupled with misanthropy. Is there not a human generously giving of herself to help these wonderful dogs? Are not all cases of abuse stores here accompanied by the stories of such selfless people donating not just think time, but money and other resources. You’d think the story of Patrick would have taught us that the good guys far outnumber the bad guys.

  3. I don’t get this either. What would be the point behind intentionally blinding her? Every time I think I have heard everything……..I’m wrong.


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