Blind Pug and Her Guide Dog Seek Forever Home

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Nursed back to health after being abandoned in ill health, a pair of Pugs have formed a unique and precious partnership, and now the two are seeking a loving home – together.

RSPCA workers say it may be a challenge, but they are determined to find a home that can accommodate four-year-old Elly and her guide dog Franky. The pair have formed a bond that their caretakers say is too strong to be broken. Franky has taken on the responsibility of guiding Elly, and she leans heavily on him at times as she tries to navigate an invisible world.

franky and elly2

RSPCA manager Elaine Buchan says, “This little duo obviously love each other very much. Franky is extremely boisterous and playful and Elly is very affectionate and cuddly. He looks out for her and provides support while guiding her on walks or to food or water”

When Elly struggles to find her way she sniffs for Franky and follows his scent, nuzzling into his side and walking with him as he leads the way. “They both like to partake in doggy delights such as playing with toys and sniffing trees, but it is clear to centre they did not have that life before,” said Buchan.

franky and elly

The adorable duo will require vetting and surgery before they can be adopted, and Buchan says that despite the challenges they face, she is determined not to separate them.

“There’s absolutely no option of homing them separately as it would break their hearts and also be wholly impractical. They’re great little dogs and I’m already jealous of the lucky owner who will get to care for such a loving pair,” she said.

Interested in adopting Franky and Elly? More details are available at the News South Wales RSPCA.