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Blind Rescued Dachsund Paints to Save Others


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Hallie paints as though her life depends upon it. In a way, it does: several months ago Hallie developed Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS), an autoimmune disease that attacks the retina. She became completely blind within a few days. She spent the next few months crying and being very depressed according to her owner, DeeDee Murray. Murray is devoted to Hallie and flew her from Seattle WA to Iowa State University to see Dr. Sansini Grodanic. Grodanic had helped other dogs with Hallie’s malady regain their sight. Unfortunately for Hallie, there was too much damage to her eyes and Dr. Grodanic couldn’t help her.
To aid Hallie as she adjusted to her blindness, Murray lined the house with long body pillows and put blow up air mattresses along the back yard. Gradually Hallie’s fighting spirit returned. Hallie had already learned how to paint from Murray, a professional portrait artist for wildlife and pets. Murray helped her re-learn her painting skills and unleash her creativity. Hallie creates the art, and Murray stamps it with Hallie’s paw print. The signed art is sold on her website.
According to Murray, Hallie loves to paint and has to be told to stop. Hallie hasn’t just saved herself with her artwork: donations from the sales on her website are totally contributed to Purple Heart Rescue ( Hallie is saving other dogs in need. A dog that once felt hopeless has found hope and gives it to others dogs and her human, DeeDee Murray.
If you would like to know more about Hallie and DeeDee Murray or purchase art, you can go to their website