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Blog Paws West 2010: See You There!


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I’m headed here!

BlogPaws2010 West GoingBadge

And much like my last trip, I’ll be white-knuckling it until the wheels hit the tarmac. If you’re not familiar with Blog Paws start here for a look. If you are a serious pet blogger, you need to get to at least one Blog Paws event. Next year promises to be huge, so start planning!

So what does this mean for you? Posting here will be light for the next few days, but I’ll be back with a report and as much news as I can gather. If you’re in the area I’d love to catch up, but keep in mind that my time will be extremely limited: I will only be in town for an overnight before hopping a plane back to Vermont and welcoming a group of twenty fans for a weekend celebration. Try to find me Thursday night if you can. My schedule is packed!

The Pettie Awards will be announced Saturday night, and there will be live streaming, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll also be back for the Saturday Blog Hop to tell you how you can see to it that an entire bag of dog food is donated to a shelter simply by writing a brief blog post. How is that for a great way to make a difference?

Stay tuned: it’s going to be a great September for dog lovers!

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