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Bonsai: A Special Little Guy That’s a Living Miracle

by Fred

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7.11.15 - BonsaiFEAT

On April 17, Bonsai the English bulldog was born in Arkansas.  It was clear straight away that Bonsai was going to be a special medical case for the ages, and if everything played out just right, he’d be a living miracle.

7.11.15 - Bonsai10

As far is English bulldogs are concerned, Bonsai has got to be one of the single most adorable little guys ever.  However, being born with so many rare genetic disorders made for an uphill climb from the get go, and many wondered what his chances would be at having a quality life.

7.11.15 - Bonsai9

It was found that he had been born with Swimmer’s Syndrome (flattened chest and splayed-out legs), caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, and also spina bifida.  Two of these syndromes, up to now, have only ever been known to affect humans.  Due to these disorders, he was born with half a spine, no pelvis, and tiny, contracted hind legs.

7.11.15 - Bonsai8

What to do for the little guy was something that his humans were completely lost on.  They got in contact with a rescue called Friends of Emma.  They’re based out of Fort Worth, Texas, and are dedicated to helping with special needs dogs.

7.11.15 - Bonsai5

The doctors at Friends of Emma came to the decision that Bonsai’s biggest problem was his hind legs.  With an amputation, his life may yet be saved.  So, that’s exactly what they did, and quite successfully.  Bonsai is reported to be doing just fine with the recovery process.

7.11.15 - Bonsai4

Bonsai’s family wanted him to know that he isn’t alone in the world, so now he’s got a buddy named Ransom.  Ranson is also a double hind leg amputee as well, and the two have become quick friends.

7.11.15 - Bonsai6

Bonsai has also been named official mascot of iSACRA or, the International Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Association.  He’s the only dog ever know to suffer from the syndrome.

7.11.15 - Bonsai7

Bonsai is still not out of the woods.  He is doing well, but much more care will be needed to ensure that Bonsai has the best life possible.  A YouCaring fundraiser was been set up to help out, and over $13,000 was donated.

7.11.15 - Bonsai3

Here is a YouTube video of Bonsai to enjoy.  He’s one adorable little guy, and by almost all outward appearances, he is a happy little puppy.  We here at Life With Dogs are pulling for you Bonsai, and so are many others!