Book Giveaway: Strays – A dog, a woman and the timeless wisdom of nature

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If animals and plants could speak, they would probably share the brand of simple and practical  wisdom that the diverse cater of characters offers the heroine of Strays. This light-hearted yet profound work of fiction features a winning plot interwoven with thoughtful lessons that can be applied to any life.

Twenty-four-year-old Jane Morgan retreats to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains for some self evaluation after having been laid off from her job as a newspaper staff writer in Atlanta. When she accidentally falls and hits her head, she acquires a seventh sense that allows her to understand the language of other species, and an unforgettable adventure ensures. As Grandmother Spider announces at the offset: “You asked for it,  you prayed for it, and now you will be graced with the answers. You will be shown what your kind has forgotten. You will understand the nature of life and what guides God has placed on Earth, not only for you, but for everyone who chooses to see them.”

An abandoned dog named Max takes the lead in showing Jane nature’s point of view, helping her with humor and love as she finds authenticity and a path of self-knowledge. Max, Grandfather Oak, a large rattlesnake and a tiny ant are among the colorful characters that relate their purpose on Earth, guiding and enabling Jane to discover hers. Jacob, a native Cherokee elder, weighs in with his traditional wisdom. The author skillfully weaves emotional, physical and spiritual connections among animals, plants and humans to create a picture of how to live lightly and productively on the Earth. As the story unfolds, readers share Jane’s journey from dejection and despair to joy and empowerment.


A recent review of note:

“Once in a while a book comes along that expands our concept of oneness. This is such a book. The reader is presented with an enlightened remembrance of the unity and cooperation of all life on this planet”

~James Twyman, best-selling author and Peace Troubadour

Mrs. Author add her two cents: “I’m sixty pages into this and can’t put it down. This is deep and powerful – and compelling reading.” (Those who know us also know that we have no time to spare – so if the Mrs. is making time for a book, you know it has to be good!)

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