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The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption is without question a book that everyone will benefit from reading. Not only will The Lost Dogs appeal to animal lovers, it’s a flat out wonderful read that will fill any reader with hope and positivity.

The Lost Dogs begins with a gripping explanation of the case, detailing how Vick and his cohorts were caught, the abysmal treatment of the animals, and the difficulties that came with trying to find homes for dozens of abused dogs. Gorant’s skill as a journalist is evident as he deftly navigates from courtroom details, government red tape and criticism from Vick supporters to the individual rehabilitation of the dogs themselves, painting a full picture of this fascinating tale.

LostDogsIn a new afterword, the paperback edition addresses the national sensation that the dogs have become. Their story resonated into the hearts of millions and Gorant continues to travel across the country visiting shelters, schools and youth groups, often accompanied by one of the dogs, to share the intimate details of this infamous story. Inspired by Jasmine, Jonny, Hector, Grace, Leo and the others, groups of abused and underprivileged children are building bridges to the wider world and overcoming their own adversities. “Having been saved themselves,” writes Gorant, “The Lost Dogs were now saving others, canines and humans.”

At its core, The Lost Dogs is a lesson in the distressing folly of discrimination and fear-driven hype—the unfortunate fact is that most people are afraid of pit bulls, when in reality they are some of the most loyal, playful, and loving dogs around. Not all the stories have happy endings, but every one of them features acts of selfless devotion on behalf of the people, boundless perseverance on the part of the dogs, and inspiring hopefulness by all. Amazingly and contrary to even the highest hope, almost every dog survived the ordeal and many went on to become loving pets, therapy dogs, and adored members of their communities, proving that even when exposed to atrocious abuse a dog still wants to be man’s best friend.

The Lost Dogs will shed a light on the terrible practice of dog fighting and animal abuse, explain the difficult yet beautifully rewarding task of rehabilitating a “damaged” dog, and gives a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves.
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