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Book Giveaway Week: June 21-26


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You’ll hear me thank you much more than once for being patient with our move to this new site. I’m sure some of you have run into bugs or dead pages along the way. The good news is that the worst of it should be behind us. There are a few pages and video channels left to add, but now that summer is here I’m unable to resist the pull of the outdoors – or the leashes of our dogs as they drag me out for another adventure. It’s great to get out and play after devoting all of 2009 to the web. So the rest will be built as time permits, but in the meantime I wanted to add to the fun by offering our readers a daily shot at a free book.

book week collection

A number of publishers have reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in doing book reviews. Unfortunately, my schedule leaves no time for reading and I usually have to decline review copies.  Fortunately, these fine folks have agreed to donate copies of their recent releases for giveaways, and I’m going to set aside time next week for a giveaway post each day. Monday through Saturday (five books are pictured, but another just arrived) I’ll post about the book that is being given away that day.

This is an easy contest, but please note that it will only be open to e-mail subscribers. Want to subscribe and get in on a chance to win? Simply click here.  Great. Now that you’re signed up, here is how it works:   

As an e-mail subscriber, you will receive a copy of our daily digest. Please read it to see which book is being offered – or better yet visit our site. In order to appease the crazy cat sweater ladies keep things interesting I’ve thrown a cat book in the mix. To enter, you only need to reply to your daily digest e-mail with “Enter me” in the subject of the e-mail. Entrants for each day will be plugged into in order to keep the drawing fair and unbiased.  How is that for easy?

I hope the five of you who took home free collars a few weeks ago are enjoying them!  Stay tuned to future posts – Life With Dogs will always find a way to say thank you to the greatest group of dog lovers I know.

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