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Book Givewaway Week: Huck


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There has been much early praise for Janet Elder’s new book, Huck, so when Random House offered to give five of our readers a free copy, we were happy to accommodate. Before we tell you how to enter, here is a little more about it:

Michael was four when his relentless campaign for a dog began. At seven he made a PowerPoint presentation, “My Dog,” with headings like “A Childhood Without a Dog is a Sad Thing.” His parents, Janet and Rich, were steadfast; bringing a dog into their fast-paced New York City lives was utterly impractical.

On a trip to Italy, however, a chance happening leads Janet to reconsider, a decision then hastened by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Janet decides the excitement of a new puppy will be the perfect antidote to the strain on the family of months of arduous treatments for her illness. The prospect of a new puppy will be an affirmation of life, a powerful talisman for them all.

On Thanksgiving weekend, soon after the grueling months of treatments are over, Huck, a sweet, mischievous, red-haired, toy poodle joins the family and wins everyone’s heart. A few months later the family ventures to baseball’s spring training, leaving Huck with Janet’s sister in Ramsey, New Jersey. Barely twenty-four hours into the trip, Janet receives the dreaded phone call: Huck has slipped through the backyard fence and run away.

Brokenhearted and frantic, the family catches the first plane to New Jersey to begin a search for their lost puppy. It is a race against time, for little Huck is now lost in an area entirely unfamiliar to him, facing the threat of bears and coyotes, swamps and freezing temperatures, rain and fast cars. Moved by the family’s plight, strangers – from school children to townspeople to the police lieutenant – join the search, one that proves to be an unyielding test of determination and faith.

Janet Elder on Huck:


Look like the kind of book you would enjoy? Then take a shot at scoring a free copy – we’ll be giving away one each day through the end of this week, and we make it easy to enter. That said, only e-mail subscribers are eligible. Not a subscriber? Fix that in five seconds by subscribing here. You’ll receive a daily e-mail digest of our posts. Simply reply to the daily digest with the words “Enter me” in the subject. You’ll be entered into a daily drawing and we’ll use to select winners. Random House will ship books directly to the winners. We’ll post reminders daily, so keep an eye on your inbox.

As always, good luck – and to the winners…enjoy!

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