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Border Collie Falls Head Over Heels in Love With Her New Rescue Capybara Sibling

by Melanie

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We have shown you many situations before where dogs have paired up and become best friends with many animals.  Unlike some humans, animals seem to see past some of the physical differences.  When this happens, you end up with a video that has got to be about as adorable as it gets.

JoeJoe is a capybara.  He came to the United States from South America on a rescue, and now is in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has two border collies that he gets to hang out with now, and Zoe and he have become fast friends.

While they may be pretty much giant guinea pigs, capybaras are animals better off left in the wild.  They are very family oriented, and form close social bonds with each other.  These bonds are very important to their survival, so although they may look about as cute as it gets, they’re not really the best choice for a pet.

In fact, just recently, a pair of capybaras nicknamed Bonnie and Clyde, have escaped in Toronto, Canada.  They were in transport to a petting zoo when they escaped on May 24th, and have been about as tough as it gets to get back to where they belong.  Recently, Clyde was spotted swimming across a small lake, but still manages to evade capture.

Hopefully those two will be caught soon and returned to where they belong.  Not the petting zoo, but their home lands to reintegrate back into capybara society.  Until then, if you want to see more of JoeJoe, you can visit his Instagram page by clicking here, or going to YouTube and checking out more of his videos there.  For more information on capybaras in general, click here to see the Wikipedia page.



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