Boston’s Finest: Officers Pay Vet Bill for Canine Shooting Victim

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The dog’s name is Fellony, but he’s a hero, not a criminal.

And after the 10-month-old, 90-pound mixed breed took a bullet to his leg when gunfire broke out on the street, stepping in front of his owner protectively, three Boston police officers stepped up to get him the help he needed.

“If he wasn’t in front of his owner at the time who knows what would have happened,” Officer David Lanteigne said at a press conference in the wake of the incident. “He was limping, and you could tell that he had obvious signs of distress. He was panting, drooling. He was 
possibly in shock, but he was with it.”

Lanteigne and Officer Brian Smith, along with Sgt. Tommy Brooks, took Fellony to the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center, where they learned that the owner was unable to afford the necessary care.

Going above and beyond, the three decided to share the cost of the surgery, breaking out Brooks’ credit card to cover the bill.

“It’s just a natural human response to somebody in need and help them out with their family, and dogs are family, and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve sometimes,” Lanteigne said. “The way that I look at it, that dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him.”

Fellony received care at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. (Photo: Boston Herald)
Fellony received care at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. (Photo: Boston Herald)


And as we all know, emergency veterinary care isn’t chump change.

At press time, Fellony’s tab was already over $2,500, but officers say they’re willing to put up even more for whatever gets the dog back up on his feet.

“We’re hoping that the dog doesn’t lose his leg,” Lanteigne said.

It’s something with which he is familiar.

In 2012, his own mother was saved from an oncoming train by her own dog, a rescue pit bull named Lilly. The woman had fainted as the train approached and the engineer watched with amazement as the dog pulled her from the tracks, a heroic act that cost the dog a leg. Lanteigne later founded a nonprofit called Lilly the Hero Pit Bull, which raises money for dogs in need.

Fellony’s owner was suprised and touched by the officers’ generosity.

“He definitely wasn’t expecting it,” Lanteigne said. “He reached out to several family members. Unfortunately nowadays people are going through a lot of things to try to put meals on the table, never mind a couple thousand dollars for an unexpected 
traumatic injury.”

Life with Dogs salutes these officers for their daily bravery and for going above and beyond in their kindness.

10 thoughts on “Boston’s Finest: Officers Pay Vet Bill for Canine Shooting Victim”

  1. If each and everyone of us could exhibit the level of caring these three officers did all of the time to all living creatures, what a wonderful world it would be! Please tell me where I can send a donation towards the care of “Lilly”. Everyone should have a friend like her at least once in their life.

  2. Finally, a story, I hope its true and I believe it may be, in which real people dressed up as “law enforcement” had compassion. If this is true, as explained, may God bless them for their compassion. And may Jesus heal that precious dog, totally.

    However, I would like to add, that they are not government. Law enforcement are private contractors who collect a fraudulent debt for the Federal Reserve, for a percentage of the “take” of hte collaterialized signature, in the retirement accounts. They are third party debt collectors, controlled by the most evil men on earth, central bankers. Armed, dangerous, trained to intimidate, extort, defraud and kill people and animals, to show how ferocious they are and intimdate people to collect the FAKE DEBT of the Federal Reserve.

    I am grateful that they showed compassion “”allegedly”as they would say, but people must know that they are not gov’t. They are armed, dangerous thieves and killers, pirates, run by Knights of Columbus or Freemasons. Privateers, using fraudulent “laws” and fiat money and fake authority, to terrify and rob you. Please google “Bombshell: Rod Class Gets Fourth Ruling All Gov’t Offices are Vacant, Gov’t employees are private contractors”
    Read that article. please, very important. People must wake up to the evil scam that the central bankers are playing on us. It’s goal is to impoverish us, put us in prison where the fake judges and munis make huge amounts of fedeal reserve notes by accuing your legal fiction of fake crimes. “Meet your strawman. Your birth certicate worth billions” You are seen by judges, elected officials, police, IRS, RMV/DMV as just a honey pot to steal from your multi billion dollar birth certificate account. They will lie, enslave, kill, murder, falsely accuse, imprison, terrify to get your signature and accomplish their EVIL FRAUDULENT commercial transaction.

    You must know the truth. Please study the article I mentioned and go to Rod Class AIB radio talkshoe 48361, listen to talks 646 to 651. scroll back..

    • Lisa ….This is America. The Greatest Country in the WORLD. If you don’t like it & truly believe all that Crap you just wrote
      Get The F Out. And to think we send our Sons, Daughters, Husbands & Wives over to fight for YOUR rights & freedom ….you disgust me. We are talking about a DOG! And you rant and rave like an effing lunatic.

  3. Bless you all for doing what you did to help Fellony. You didn’t have to do it – you made the conscious choice to help. You are right that many people, including our law makers and public office holders have no clue of the value of canines, their bravery and their loyalty.

    Wake up Lawmakers, and public office holders; enact laws to making animal cruelty, torture, and serial animal killing a high penalty felony crime.

  4. All four of you are true heroes in my opinion… May the four winds always blow you all safely home.

  5. I appreciate what the kindness shown by these officers. Now if we can just get the cops who shoot people’s dogs unnecessarily to foot the bills. Or even get the dog to a vet rather than standing by and watching it slowly bleed to death. And preventing the dog’s owners from taking it to the vet.


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