Boxer Loves Whippits

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Behold the cutest snack attack ever.

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33 thoughts on “Boxer Loves Whippits”

  1. This is one adorable and clearly happy boxer. I hope he doesn’t get too much sugar or he will be bouncing of the walls for hours!

    Did you notice him go cross eyed as he focused on the next squirt coming. What a cutie!

    Our fur kids love peanut butter so we like to take a teaspoon full and stick it on the roof of their mouth and watch them smack their tongues and lips trying to get it off. Too funny and a healthy treat!

  2. Looks to me like someone has rabies. lol Very cute. And I would imagine they had a very hyper pup afterwards.

  3. That’s funny but whipped cream is so bad for your dog as with anything with sugar in it. They can’t digest it properly.

  4. Cute. My dogs would crap alllllll over creation and barf if I fed them that. They are used to blue wilderness duck and the occasional german.


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