Brave German Shepherd Helps Brother Get Down the Stairs by Taking On Nasty, Stair-Hogging Cat

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Has this ever happened to you?  You’re just trying to get down the stairs, you’re almost there, and there’s a GIANT, mean,old cat in your way?!?  Thankfully, Bo here has Fenway to help him out!






0 thoughts on “Brave German Shepherd Helps Brother Get Down the Stairs by Taking On Nasty, Stair-Hogging Cat”

  1. Lighten up, Sharon. You must be an Obama supporter!!!! Just kick the cat’s ass out of the way and let the dog down the steps!!!

  2. The *idea* is funny, but not the actuality. And not to let it go on for so long – that just obviously upset the dog more. The better option would have been for the owner to walk down the stairs with the dog, past the cat, teaching her dog confidence. The cat was just being a cat, not moving because it didn’t want to.

    • I disagree, the doggy has to learn to deal with his problems, same as humans. The minute he manages to walk past the kitty on his own, is when he will learn not to be afraid.

    • I agree. There is teaching the dog a lesson and then there is torturing the dog because it makes you laugh.
      so all she did was encourage the cat to behave like this and that poor golden will always be afraid of cats.
      My dog , a Standard Poodle, loved cats. I think he was a cat in his previous life… he got so happy when he saw them. They , usually, were not that happy to see him though.

  3. Just grab the cat by the scruff and throw it out if the way. Nothing more than a speed bump on a stairway. You can either clear the road or run the obstruction over. In this case, the choice is obvious. Never let something smaller than you control your free passage. That cat got what what was coming to it and I’m not afraid to say it. No, I am not a cat person. Something so ignorant and disregardful should be put in its place (on the windowsill, permanently glued) and not interfere with up-and-down traffic. Thumbs down or worse, if you will, but that’s the whole thing. A lazy animal that expects nothing more than food and attention and nothing to reciprocate should be swatted.

    • Well, shucky-darn. I am “a lazy animal that expects nothing more than food and attention” not to mention “ignorant and disregardful” (according to my wife), and she knows these things. Disregardful? Is that a word? It’s kinda like an adjective, I guess, but I couldn’t find it in my dictionary, only “disregard”. Call me a perv, but I do love being “swatted”, and that’s a fact. Um, also note that’s a black cat (like witches use), so you likely will have a spell of bad luck coming your way, hopefully soon.



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