3 thoughts on “Breakin’ the Law”

  1. What a great video! He was having a blast!
    Hey, aren’t laws meant to be broke? At least in dog sense they are!

  2. You know, this is very cute and wonderful. Except for one thing. People need to remember that the chemical load on golf courses is so large that it has in many cases come to the attention of state and national environmental agencies. The chemical fertilizers (which include heavy metals such as copper and arsenic), pesticides, fungicides, and remainders of petroleum byproducts from mowing, which are put on golf courses to achieve those lovely green expanses so beloved by duffers, can cause illness or death to small animals and Corgis being so low to the ground they are picking up these chemicals on tummy fur as well as paws. I would not want my dog to run on a golf course. Just knowing about the runoff into groundwater from golf courses with resulting well water contamination and eventually river pollution is enough to make me certain that just as I would never walk barefoot across a golf course neither would I let a dog do so.

    Just sayin’.


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