Bubble Blowing Dog Loves Swimming Pools

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Described by his owner as “95 pounds of pure love,” Diesel is a two-year-old English cream golden Retriever, and does something unbelievable cute, and quite unique for most dogs.  When swimming, Diesel loves to blow bubbles.

His mom, Jessica Smith has been taking him to the swimming pool since he was a very little puppy.  He’s had swimming lessons as long as she can remember, and somehow, along the way she was able to teach him to blow bubbles under the water.  Even after all these years of swimming, Diesel still loves to hop in the pool, a blow bubbles like there’s no tomorrow.

Jessica Nichols said, “He mostly loves to be held while he’s in the pool.  However, he does like to swim as well, but more often he tries to walk on his back legs.

Nichols says she’ll continue to take Diesel to the pool whenever she can.  He really loves to be in the water, but he especially loves to blow them bubbles!

8.27.14 - Bubble Blowing Dog Loves Swimming Pools

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  1. Being trained to do something, and enjoying doing something are completely different. I’m not sure which this is.

  2. Not unique at all. My rotty x bull mastiff blows bubbles, even in her water bowl, and always has. And she’s cuter, imho 😉


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