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Bulldog Busts A Move to Wham!

by Amy Drew

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Someone has a serious case of the ’80s!
Minnie the Frenchie/bulldog mix wants to dance and she just doesn’t care.

Owner Jeff Wynne took this video of sweet, 2-year-old Minnie jamming out to George Michael’s dulcet tones and it’s gone viral. The family hails from Dublin, Ireland.

“Often music will set her off doing this,” Wynne told the Daily Mail. “Something will come on the TV or the radio and she will just start going, sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes. This one is really funny as she is in rhythm with the music.”

Those concerned she may simply have an itch can rest assured, though vets are confused by Minnie’s apparent love of the dance, she is perfectly healthy.

Bull mastiff Mollie is none too impressed, but Minnie couldn’t care less. She’s got dance fever!