Bullseye Comes Home Nine Months Later

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In November of last year, the Bergevin family contacted The Bella Foundation after they picked up a skinny, tick infested, dirty dog on a rural road outside Oklahoma City. Never did they imagine that the stray dog they were helping would be reunited with his loving family just two months later.

The Bella Foundation was more than happy to help the sickly stray they named Bruno. They nursed him back to health and for two months tried to place him in a foster home, but had none available.

Photo Credit: The Bella Foundation.


At the end of Jan. 2015, Kat Switzer volunteered to foster Bruno. She brought him home and immediately knew the dog had not been a stray his whole life. The pet was house broken, very calm, friendly and well-trained. Switzer was quickly falling in love with Bruno and even thought she would become a foster failure and keep Bruno for herself.

Switzer’s husband came home after work and thought Bruno reminded him of a dog named Bullseye.

Bullseye lived in Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch and six years ago Switzer had worked there alongside the dog who would play and keep farm staff company, but she didn’t make the connection until her husband mentioned it.

Later that evening, Bruno was sleeping on the floor and Switzer’s husband casually said Bullseye’s name. The dog jumped and pawed at the man’s face as if saying “you really know who I am.”

The Switzers called the Parkhursts and invited them to meet their foster dog who they believed was Bullseye. As soon as the dog saw the Parkhursts he went crazy and there was no doubt that Bruno was really Bullseye.

The Bella Foundation was excited to have helped Bullseye get back to his rightful family. As a going away gift, the dog was microchipped. If he ever gets lost again he will be identified and reunited with his family a lot quicker.

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