Busted: One Seriously Crappy Neighbor

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What do you do when you suspect that your neighbor is flinging dog poo into your shrubs? You film him and sell him out. Bonus point if you count the number of dumps. The homeowner was considerate enough to wait an entire year before releasing the video. Oh enough from me already, watch this – and make sure you hear the commentary!

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*Kudos to Maria at Dogster for unearthing this treasure

18 thoughts on “Busted: One Seriously Crappy Neighbor”

  1. I just love how the offender waited until the homeowners back was turned to dump his bag of poo! really, what was this guy thinking?

  2. Wow. This is one time that human behavior fascinated me more than dog behavior. fascinating. i think the videographer/victim was very smart, calm and thoughtful in how to deal with it. Not too many people would be quite that tolerant. I know i'm not. kudos to the videographer /victim for being more human the the idiot.

  3. How rude! He has it in a bag, so he's just too lazy to carry it home? I would have delivered it back to the guy with a note saying "I think this belongs to YOU"!


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