CAPS vs. Bauck: How a small nonprofit brought down a large puppy mill

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A CAPS documentary on the Kathy Bauck investigation that resulted in a criminal conviction and USDA license termination is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in animal advocacy.

Those who can handle the noise, filth, and abuse exposed by investigators who fought to free those powerless to fight for themselves will be rewarded by witnessing the takedown of a monstrosity. While Bauck has lost her USDA license, her attorney confirms that she is still selling dogs: the USDA has no jurisdiction over the internet.

*warning: VERY graphic images

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25 thoughts on “CAPS vs. Bauck: How a small nonprofit brought down a large puppy mill”

  1. Hard to watch the video about this woman – but I made myself last week for Marshall’s sake. It’s important to know the issues that he has to deal with after ten years of this sort of abuse. Good for CAPS!

  2. Everyone needs to take the time to see how those cute little balls of fluff end up in the store windows. You would not want to buy them anymore.


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