Carjacker Targets the Wrong Vehicle

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A Kirkland, Washington parking lot was the scene of an attempted carjacking Friday night, but the criminal was thwarted by a dog.

A fostered pit bull rescued from a dog-fighting ring just happened to be in that car, and made it abundantly clear that he was not in the mood to take a detour.

Victor’s foster mom, Amber Melena, explains the incident in the following report from KOMO4.

7 thoughts on “Carjacker Targets the Wrong Vehicle”

  1. THANK YOU! At last a POSITIVE story about a pit bull…thank you for making this a priority story! And thank YOU, BullsEye Dog Rescue, for caring enough to give those victims of human cruelty a chance to be loved. A CURSE on those who perpetuate the despicable practice of dog fighting.

  2. I think that Amber should think about keeping such a loyal dog. If that dog had not been there no telling what would have happened. What a great story about pit bulls. Good luck Victor. I hope you find the best home ever.

  3. These dogs want to be petted and talked with.. these dags have never had anything before being stuck in a kennal or chained up,,no human love or no attention excerpt when they fight for their lives. ….he was trying to protect his human. just wants a home a warm blanket,,and a belly rub. he’s already proved he will protect his human. why not give him what he most most of all,,a place to his own,,home!


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