Cat Plays Dead and Gives Dog the Shock of His Life

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Apparently, this devilish cat finds a new way to prank his doggie friend every day around the same time.  But every day, the dog comes to see what the cat has planned for him….






Don’t worry, the kitty is ok!

7 thoughts on “Cat Plays Dead and Gives Dog the Shock of His Life”

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  2. Some dogs instinctively chase animals running away for fun, but not actually ever do anything when they reach them. My dog LOVES to chase squirrels and cats, but if he ever actually catches up to them he just stands there, wagging his tail, laying down, and barking a time or two, hoping they will run off. In fact, I’ve actually seen a cat chase him and he ran away as if he was being chased be an ax murderer on fire, with fireworks popping in the sky. It would be terrible if the dog had hurt the cat, but considering he walked off tail wagging as soon as the cat was out of reach probably meant it was just a game of chase to the dog.

    • Agreed. Dogs chase ANYTHING that runs, and it’s not like the dog attacked the cat when it first moved, it just started chasing it after the cat started running.

  3. I agree with T. Dogs will sit and bark and snarl at a fence if they truly want to get to and hurt something. The dog didn’t even attack the cat when it first raised it’s head. He waited to see what the cat would do and once the cat ran, he gave chase. The dog did not give off the impression he would harm the cat at all.


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