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Caught on Camera: Dog Brought Back to Life by CPR


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dog saved by cpr

A quick thinking dog trainer is garnering praise for resuscitating a dog who stopped breathing after suffering a potentially fatal seizure.

For two incredibly long minutes Tiffany Kauth watched helplessly as her dog, Sugar, lay lifeless after being overcome by a severe seizure. Kauth says “Sugar fell backwards, had a seizure and then stopped breathing.”

Considering the circumstances, the pair could not have found themselves in better hands. They were attending a training session with Ron Pace, owner of Canyon Crest Dog Training Center in Tacoma, WA. Pace has 35 years of dog training experience, and is well versed in CPR techniques.

Pace remained calm when Kauth cried for help, and immediately began performing CPR on the dog. “It’s just kind of a natural instinct, for me to get in and try to get the thing to breathe…I’m not a trained professional in that, but it did work.”

It most certainly did, as you will see in one of the more thrilling moments we have ever seen on video. You can literally detect the change when Sugar comes back to life, her rib cage rising and falling after after moments of stillness.

According to Kauth, Sugar is home and happy, and will likely attend additional training sessions with the humble, cool-headed dog expert who gave her the gift of life.

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