Caught on Camera: Abuser Kicks, Strangles Dog

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*Update: Good news here.

Another troubling incident of animal abuse has been captured on camera, and as we have done in recent months to great success, it is time to spread this around and share until this heartless abuser is identified. The power of social media has worked wonders for locating and identifying these criminals, and as unpleasant as this is to watch, know that you could be the one to make a difference simply by sharing with other animal lovers.

The RSPCA is appealing for people to identify the man responsible after he was caught on film kicking his dog in Knee Hill Park near Woolwich on October 1.

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58 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: Abuser Kicks, Strangles Dog”

  1. Oh my gosh… There is no telling how much more abuse the poor thing suffered out of view… The dog is so scared and hesitant to follow him and he may wonder why the dog won’t come??? I hope he is caught…

  2. OMG. That makes me want to throw up. 🙁 If he does that in public, imagine what he does behind closed doors?

  3. I’m wondering why he is taking the dog into the woods to begin with? Is this even his dog? That poor dog is so scared, I really hope they catch this jerk and hopefully it’s not too late to save the poor dog!

  4. having been a volunteer at a local shelter here in the U.S., I know how they suffer and how it impacts them for the rest of their lives..if they survive it. There are NO bad dogs..only bad people who change the dogs into something else….if this horrrible example of a human being has not been captured yet..I wish soon..who knows how many went before this little fellow or would come after….I hope your laws are STRONG and will really punish him!

  5. I’m outraged and angry and sick! I want to kick that creep’s worthless a***! He’s a waste of space and air and should be properly disposed of.


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