Caught on Camera: Scuffle at Dog Park After Man Kicks Dog!

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Dog lovers banded together on Thursday at a popular San Francisco dog park when a man kicked a dog, . The incident was caught on camera by another of dog owner.

It began when a man with a Basset hound for some reason went after a black Lab who was there with its owner, a woman.

A witness, Hal Fischer, told the NBC affiliate that the man grabbed the dog by its collar “really hard.” The owner became upset, and a “tug of war” ensued.

When other dog owners came to her aid, the woman attempted to remove her dog from the scene. That’s when the man kicked her dog “really hard.” Fischer said that “really set people off” and several jumped in, confronting the man and attempting to restrain him until police arrived, but he was able to flee before they showed.

Jon Kim said he started recording the incident because it was escalating.

“I was worried about her safety,” he said of the Lab’s owner. “I didn’t think he’d kick the dog!”
Kim, whose video alarmed dog park regulars, added that everyone was “really scared” because the man was acting “crazy.”

Witnesses say the dog involved in the incident did not appear to be hurt. But Fischer delivered a strong message to the Basset hound’s owner.

“I went up to him and said, ‘Don’t come back to this park,’” he said.