Caught On Tape: Dogs Scare-Off Home Invasion Suspect in Oregon

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A woman from southeast Portland is crediting her dogs for saving her and her home from a would-be robber recently.  What makes it all the better?  The woman caught the whole thing on tape!  All we can say is, “Good dogs!”

The incident took place this past Monday.  Jen Merrill was at home, just like any other Monday when a man was seen on her home surveillance system jumping over not one but two 6-foot fences to access her backyard.

Merrill has four, rather large dogs.  She has two Great Danes, an American bulldog/Great Dane cross, and a malamute. She also happened to be dog-sitting a German shepherd at the time, as well.  Talk about a well-guarded property!

The dogs started going crazy when they saw the intruder.  However, the man wasn’t initially deterred.  The dogs even got in-between Merrill and the suspect, but he just made a break for the house and tried to get in through an open window.

The dogs then leapt into action, going after the man as he attempted to break in.  That’s when he smartened up and took off running away from the house.  The cameras show the man running away, with the dogs in hot pursuit.

Police scoured the area looking for the suspect, but he was nowhere to be found.  The surveillance tapes were taken to try to identify the intruder, and Merrill is grateful to her dogs for being so brave.  There’s no telling what could have happened in the long run if the man had a weapon.

Merrill says that the thing that bothers her most is the neighborhood she lives in straight tells people that they are being watched.  It’s no secret at all that almost all of the homes in the area have some sort of security and surveillance system, and four huge dogs are nothing to scoff at.  What bothers her is even knowing all of that, this guy STILL tried to break in, middle of the day, right in front of the home owner.

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