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Chihuahua Almost Travels Inside Checked Bag

by Katherine

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How many of us have pets that whenever they see us packing our bags, they immediately go and sit on top of the luggage as if to say “you’re not going anywhere without me.” Well, a woman from New York almost checked in her Chihuahua after the pet owner was unaware she accidentally packed up her small pet.

La Guardia Airport’s TSA officials were in for a surprise after they scanned a hard-sided luggage and found a small pet curled up inside the bag. Officials immediately rescued the white and tan dog and worked with airport and airline staff to locate the dog and luggage’s owner.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@TSAmedia_LisaF
Photo Credit: Twitter/@TSAmedia_LisaF

When the New York woman was informed security was holding her “wanna-be” luggage dog, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“The woman said that the dog must have climbed into the suitcase and curled up in the clothing while she was packing for her trip,” Lisa Farbstein of the TSA told Fox News.

The pet owner immediately called her husband and had him pick up the pet.

Officials said this incident was not planned. The woman was not trying to smuggle her dog into the flight and the pet inside the suit case was a simple accident. The pet owner was not charged with animal cruelty and she will be more careful from now on about what gets packed.