Chihuahua Fosters Abandoned Baby Rabbits

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Staff at the Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, North Wales say they have enlisted the help of a surrogate father to care for an abandoned litter of five wild baby bunnies.

The precious newborns were found abandoned in a compost heap and were turned over to Capricorn, where two-year-old Mitch has taken up residence due to a history of destructive chewing.

Staff  from the rescue center are now looking after the three day old babies by hand feeding them milk, and Mitch follows up by grooming each of them before bedtime.

Shelter owner Sheila Stewart said: “A man brought the litter in along with their nest after he found them when he moved a compost heap. They are tiny and I am feeding them every few hours with milk through a syringe. After I’ve finished feeding them, Mitch comes along and washes and grooms each one.”

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  1. What the heck is that blue thing? I’ve fostered many baby rabbits in my time and they all lived and we let them go when they were big enough but i wish I had a dog like that to have helped me out..haha my dog,Roxy would chase them to the next county..


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