China’s Animal Crusaders

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For centuries, China has raised dogs, cats and other animals for food and for use in traditional medicines. But now animal rights activism is flourishing in the country with increasing numbers of people seeing animals as pets, not protein.

Once condemned by China’s Communist Party, pet ownership is on the rise, and with outside influence from social media and bloggers, a country with no animal welfare laws is undergoing a slow, if dramatic shift in thinking.

Please be aware that the following in-depth report from Al Jazeera contains graphic images.

24 thoughts on “China’s Animal Crusaders”

  1. I can’t actually bring myself to watch the video. A few years back I watched something on tv about this and I had nightmares and daymares for weeks. I felt like vomitting every time I thought about it. It still haunts me now. I wish we could do more but it’s all a step in the right direction I guess.

  2. A one line crack about eating dogs isn’t terribly useful and is always the first type of comment to follow these articles. Such comments will always be deleted. Your more thoughtful and thorough follow up is appreciated. ♥

  3. This is an absolute horrific video of what is going on in China and many other countries which do not have animal abuse laws. Dogs and cats are piled in cages only to be tortured and killed for food for restaurants and as delicacies. Man does not need to kill these creatures for food. It is totally disquesting and cruel. I hope there is some way this is stopped for good. I have tears for these senseless killings that are going on every day. I pray somehow it will be stopped as more and more people are made away of this slaughter. This video is very hard to watch, but please somehow do what you can to help erradicate these killings. Please do whatever you can and pass on what is happening so more and more people are being made aware of the abuse that is happening. The looks of terror on the faces of these animals says it all……… PLEASE HELP THEM……….. Thank you.

  4. This is for Angelique. I don’t wish to start an argument. I think your opinion is horrendous coming from someone who claims to be a dog lover. The video is not just about the consumption of our beloved companions, it is also a cry out for how they are being treated before and during the process. These poor animals are being kept in squalid conditions where they can’t even move a muscle inside a cage not even big enough for a few chickens, never mind a dog. They can hardly breathe. I watched a documentary on this years ago where they showed the “killing process” where they dipped a cat into ferociously hot oil to remove it’s fur while still ALIVE and then threw it into a vat of water still writhing in unimaginable pain. The man was laughing while he did this. Our laws in Western society protect the animals we eat ensuring they have no suffering before hand and an instant death they are completely unaware of. Comparing a dog or cat to a chicken is quite frankly ridiculous. Dogs and cats are highly intelligent beings which can be trained, feel love and are conditioned to be our loyal companions in life. All in all I think it extremely crass to leave such an uninformed, ignorant comment on a page dedicated to loving and helping our friends. Awful. I’m so glad I didn’t read your comment that was deleted by LWD.

  5. Amy, your comment is obviously directed towards me. Let me just say that I am from the UK. Here we have extremely strict laws concerning animal welfare, even those for food. All of our supermarkets are governed by strict laws that ensure all meat is sourced from farms and slaughterhouses that are regularly spot checked by the RSPC and animal welfare. You’re right, sometimes it does take two bolts of electricity to the brain to kill the animal. (Cow, pig, sheep) but it has been medically proven that after the first shot the animal is completely brain dead. Sometimes a second bolt is needed to stop the heart. If there is a slaughterhouse practising outwith the law here it is big news! I know exactly the process and how these animals are kept as I have visited. There was a programme aired here a few years ago that invited people to watch these animals be slaughtered and then eat the animal they just saw killed in front of their very eyes. It caused some controversy but ultimately it provided more understanding so people could make informed choices. Pigs are indeed more intelligent than cats and dogs as has been common knowledge for many years.


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