Chinese Activists Intercept Truck En Route to Slaughter House, Save 500 Dogs

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Spotted on a Yunnan Province highway, a truck hauling hundreds of dogs from Fumin to Kunming was intercepted by animal activists following a wave of social media outrage. Destined for China’s restaurants, the commercial vehicle became an object of interest after pictures of it began circulating on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Concerned that the vehicle was in violation of transportation laws, police directed the driver to a nearby station. Animal advocates arrived and began unloading cages as soon as it was parked. In all, they counted  505 dogs packed into 156 cages.

A total of 505 dogs were packed into 156 cages. photo© China Quirky News


Volunteers would spend the day and night feeding, watering and treating the survivors. Unfortunately a number of dogs were crushed to death in their cages.

When officers from the local Animal Inspection Department investigating the matter arrived the next day, they delivered unbelievably bad news: according to local law, the transportation of the dogs was legal. Because the driver of the truck had a license to transport them, police said that despite their ultimate destination, there was nothing they could do to hold the dogs.


When all appeared lost,  a private dog rescue group came forward. In the interest of saving the dogs, they paid the truck driver 60,000 Yuan to take them from him. Now the hard work begins as dogs are dispersed to local shelters, and those responsible for saving them them scramble to find homes for as many as possible.

This is the third large scale rescue of its kind in Asia this year. In January, 750 dogs were saved by a Thai Navy patrol, and later that month,  1,100 dogs were saved from a trip to the slaughterhouse in Chongqing, China.

150 thoughts on “Chinese Activists Intercept Truck En Route to Slaughter House, Save 500 Dogs”

  1. Thank you to the saviors in Chinas – your work is hard and thankless – know you are appreciated on the other side of the world as well as in the heart of every dog-loving person there is.

  2. Thank-you to the private dog rescue group for intervening. God bless those who try to stop this horrific practice. These pictures are sickening. Many prayers and hope these poor animals get a loving place to call home.

  3. The tendency is to cheer the activists, but what will they do with more than 500 dogs? Will those dogs now be neglected, euthanized, or ???


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