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Clear the Shelter! Hawaiian Humane Society Adopts Out All Animals for First Time!

by Amy Drew

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It was a brilliant end to 2016 for the Hawaiian Humane Society. The Oahu shelter, following a “Clear the Shelter” campaign, on Thursday adopted out all available animals from its facility.

The two-day event saw 24 adoptions that included dogs, cats and small animals.

“The best part of each day was watching animals that had been at the society for some time get a second look,” said Allison Andrade Gammel, community relations director, in a news release.

In the above news video, you can see the “last” dog, Beauty, getting a grand farewell from shelter staffers as she heads out to her forever home.

Of course, new animals come to the shelter daily, so they’re not “really” empty — so if you’re a Honolulu resident looking for a new best friend, they’ve likely got a great candidate for you!

For more information, visit the Hawaiian Humane Society’s website.