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Clear the Shelters Campaign to Start Nationally on July 23

by Fred

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7.21.16 - Clear the Shelters 2


Starting on July 23rd, the national Clear the Shelters campaign begins again.  This is a national effort to help ease some of the overcrowding that plagues all too many shelters across the US.  Last year’s campaign saw a total of 19,685 adoptions during the event, and this year it will hopefully be even more.

The campaign last year was brought about through a partnership with NBC television broadcast stations, and over 400 shelters across the country.  The idea is pretty clear.  As all of us know, there are far too many shelters out there that are put into a situation where dogs are being killed off simply because there is no space.  Together, we can change that.

For more information, or a complete list of shelters near you that will be hosting the event this weekend, you can visit by clicking on the link.  Remember folks, don’t shop, adopt.  There are tons of really great dogs at a shelter near you waiting on their forever family to come and get them.